Friends of St Michael's Way is a constituted group of people

with diverse backgrounds who share an interest in the path.

The group was initially brought together in 2015 by artist/

educator Janet McEwan, who had been researching the path

since 2013 in association with CERES, one of the key organisations

involved in conversations with the Council of Europe

in the early 1990's which led to StMW being designated

a European Cultural Route.


The broad aims of the group are:


•walking the Way

•recognition and promotion of the Way

•understanding the Way's history, purpose and meaning/role

•using the Way as a focus for community and cultural activity

•setting the Way within the wider UK and European context and beyond

•helping to stimulate the local economy


The executive committee of the group are

Chair : Professor Michelle Brown

Secretary: Stephanie Hutchison

Treasurer : Robert Hulks.


If you would like to be involved and/or make contact with the group please email:








Friends of St.Michael's Way includes several people who were involved in establishing the path in 1994, including Rod Pascoe, a member of the Bredereth Sen Jago: a Cornish Group who are interested in pilgrimage.

In the short video below, made in 2006, Rod Pascoe talks about the history of the St Michael's Way.


This film was produced by Denzil Monk, for AWEN Productions CIC.

Friends of St. Michaels Way (also on Facebook)

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Friend's of St MW are keen to hear from people who would like to be involved in

helping to research, promote and care for the path.

For more info please email:

You can help Friends of St.MW

by donating cash to help fund their efforts.

Please download

a payment instruction form here


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